Installation Works

HEPP Installation Works

• Consultancy: Feasibility, Project Management, Installation, Maintenance
• Draft Tube installation and welding
• Penstock installation and welding
• Spiral Case installation and welding
• Embedded piping & anchorage operations
• Turbine installation
• Generator installation
• Rotor Poles installation
• Stator Lamination Sheet Metals installation
• Stator Coil installation
• LV–MVCabling and Termination
• Auxiliary Transformer, Exication and Power Transformers Installation
• Compressed Air, Cooling Water, Oil and CO2 fire supressing system piping operations
• Power plant lighting and power cubicles installation,
• Grounding/earthing operations
• Commissioning, Start-up Testing and Start-up operations

Wind Plant Installation

• Consultancy: Feasibility, Project Management, Installation, Maintenance
• Tower installation
• Tower internals; board, cable, cable tray, stair installation
• Nasal installation
• Generator installation
• Wings installation
• Hub installation
• Cable definition and cable center over and underground installation
• Commissioning, Testing, Operation Start-Up, Engineering, Maintenance, Operations
• Periodical follow up for tower performance

Thermal Plant Installation

• Investment feasibility analysis and project management
• Steel construction manufacturing and installation for main building and systems
• Turbine installation
• Piping installation forcompressed air, cooling water, oil and steam systems
• Generator installation
• HRSG Installation
• Power electrical systems installation
• Turbine Rotor balance and installation
• Rotor pole coil maintenance
• Start up and testing
• Follow up and maintenance
• Plant management

Electric Automation System Design &Installation

• Interior and exterior lighting operations
• Power unit installation
• Channel and tray installation
• Low and High voltage cable installation
• Signal and communication cable installation
• Cable finishing
• Transformer and transformer equipment installation
• Control cell installation
• PLC – Scada Systems design, supply, installation
• High voltage cable testing
• Transformer tests
• Relay tests
• System testing, start up and maintenance

Generator& Rotor Pole Coils

• All type of power and voltage engine folding
• All type of power and voltage generator folding
• Roebel - Bar Type folder manufacturing
• Magnetic Separator Coil manufacturing and folding

Rotor Pole Coils:
• Malfunction polar coil isolation
• New pole coil manufacturing
• Lama folding changing
• Rotor Balance operations

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